Friday, September 17, 2004


2pm now..and my eyes r heavy. I just took a short nap but someone still feeling tired. Decided not to attend the presentation tutorial today, just so i can finish up what i didnt do yesterday.

Eyes feeling puffy...need to get an ice pack later man. Staring at the computer and getting 5-6 hrs of sleep every night is making me looking haggard :(

the cat disapeared. Probably found a good home. Hope he didnt injure himself again.

the sky looked so blue today. Yet i am stuck at home in front of this computer. I wish i cld do some shopping..go out and get abit of that beautiful sunshine.

My turn to cook tonight. Menu? Rendang, chilli prawns and Nutty Asperagus. The prawns were cheap! 13 bucks a kilo. What a bargain. It's rare for us to hv seafood.. Been hving quite alot of chicken lately a change will be good.

Passed the referee forms for peter to do yesterday. Asked him if he felt my stress levels r too high. he replied "it isnt out of the anxiety scale yet" .. that's the sort of answer u get when u talk to a psychophysiologist.

Speaking of peter..velda is awfully stress, hving to redo her stats. Can totally understand how she feels though, having been through the same stage with helen. Wont supervisors make up their mind?

Watched prince of tennis just now.. the baby ryoma is so cute.. and that epi is so touching! Esp when we found out Najiroh gave up his tennis career for his son. That's just me being a silly romantic again. Then again, i need these to keep me sane.

i really shld get back to those graphs. It's getting boring.. but i need those, if not, i cant write up that segment!!!!

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