Friday, September 17, 2004


almost time to cook dinner.

Finished the graphs and is now writing up that segment. After that, it will be to sum by correlation studies.. look at verbal analyzation and then the kids' drawings.

i wonder if i am going back at the end of the year.. the main advise is not to.. but if irene's wedding is on, i am gonna go back. If not, staying here will be alright too..afterall, i hv to go for the postgrad interviews (if selected) and i get to spend more time with alan. The only setback? I want to spend time with my family!

as usual.. i tend to think of what to do after this sem. ah.. I hope the grad sem date next yr will be late feb instead of early march. That way, i can plan the albany trip for my family..and it wont interfere with the postgrad timetable..alan can come along too. Not going to feel really comfortable driving to albany myself..although if i hv to do it, i will.

oh crap.. do i need s.d for the histograms? *grumble*

i hope i know what i am talking abt in this section. I really need to finish this and work on my essay..actually, i am looking forward to work on the essay since it will take my mind of the same stuff that i hv been looking for sometime.

heard adam got a 9.5 pts for his presentation.

3,2,1 i better finish off this section and then cook..

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