Saturday, September 18, 2004

tick tock

did some calculations and found the rate my results n methods r going.. i hv approximately 3500 words or less for my introduction and discussion each. That's too little!! After i discuss the theories..and implications of that to the hypothesis. what else do i hv left? 300 to write the conclusion? *sob sob*

Worst come to worst.. i guess i just hv to put more tables in my results section to summarise those F-ratios.

anyway, what did i do today? u guessed it.. my ever so exciting life *sacastic tone*. graphs n writing of coz.. what else? oh! i made chilli beef and cheese pies.. The beef was definitely too hot though...

anyway, i was scrolling through friendster, realised that mmm.. yup. been ages since i see most of these ppl. Looking at their pics made me realise how much time has passed and how much things hv changed since we were naive, innocents 13 year olds.

Crap..i still cant find the s.d for my graphs! what's wrong with spss?oh yeah..i forgot.. it's SPSS..everything is wrong =(

2 more weeks of working..and i get 3 saturdays off. I am sooo looking forward to my saturdays again!!! hehehe.. wonderful.. Not that i dun mind seeing Brandon, Max and Josh though. Max was so sweet...he gave me a flower last week!!

I guess i am proud of those 3 kids.. Well, since Max is new, i cant say much abt his progress (except clever and fast learner he is).. The other 2? Amazingly...

That reminds me.. i better go through what i hv to teach tomorrow again. Especially Max- he gets bored easily.

Sometimes u wonder... Lord, why are they autistic? they are clever children, who are so lovely... with autism, it hindered their learning. How great could it be if they dont hv autism.. how much will they learn? How much will they advance? Unfortunately, these questions will be left unanswered.

Cute things happened though.. Like how we suspect christine's student hving a crush on her.. Lol.. Or how we got kicked n scratched by them- yup. ok.,that's not a cute memory.

i like my job. i like finding ways to help these children learn. And i be creative and be flexible. I did want to quit after this term to concentrate on my thesis but realised that.. hey.. after the 3 weeks break.... the thesis will be due by then.. So i think i will remain for another term.

btw.. our hse internet is sort of irritating now. hving to pay so much and limit our upload and download speed constantly AND hving the internet down so often.. that's not good.

i really shld get back to my correlations-last part of stats. Getting tired of looking at numbers.. and after that. i hv the verbal analysation and couple of drawings to look at.

and? after that? the depression essay time.. i sort of hv a vague idea how to write it.. so i jus need to read more and start writing!

i think it is baileys time.....

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