Monday, September 20, 2004


sunday.. still stuck doing this. this is getting really bad.

work yesterday was fine. As expected, Max was bored easily... i need to find something challenging for him to do. Next week is the last week of term.. which is a welcome break for me.. i can get more sleep, and focus. My patience worn down too..esp since i didnt get much sleep the night before.

Josh was so cute... i was talking to max's mum, and josh pulled my hand to the direction of the classroom.. he was actually keen to do work for once? Lol.. at least he knows he got to do a little more work.. he laterally ran to the classroom and waited for me there. Unbelievable.

was dead tired last night. so as usual.. behind one section again=(

Joshua came over for dinner just now..and asked me abt the results section of the report..seeing his assignment made me feel like being in year 1 again.. not as much work as now..and easier too!! hahaha..

i realised i repeated "i dun wan to study anymore" at least once every semester since year 2/2nd sem. cant believe this is my last sem as an undergrad..after that? prob 2 more years =(

perth royal show coming soon. Feel like going this year.. but do i hv the time?

post grad options. where will i be next yr? what is going to happen to alan n i?

concentrate daphne!!!

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