Tuesday, September 21, 2004

3 am

yes. It's 3am and i am still not asleep. This is insane, crazy and atriocious. What am i doing up looking at children's reasonings and drawings. It's monday and i am still stuck in this. I NEED TO MOVE ON TO MY ESSAY.

The only bright side is, after this section. I am done. zip. No more addition to the results section. I just need to tidy up the stuff..insert in graphs and pixs.. and finish. Half of my thesis finished.

CHANEL rocks in australia idol! Oh my goodness..u go sexy chick.

Other productive thing i hv done? Oh..decided what drawings to use and got alan to scan them for me. What will id do without alan? giving me the support i always need... Luckily, the scanning didnt take long.

Getting a little more snappy then usual. DUn step on my toes people!!! *Growl* (hiding in my rm as an result).

I almost burned lunch today! That is so embrassing.. my mind is so off....and i dun usually burn anything!!! It's ok.. it was savage in time.

i think i shld get back to my writing.

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