Wednesday, September 22, 2004

reading on depression

yup. Finally, i finished the rough version of the results n methods section. But it's so raw that it hurts. Seriously need to tighten up the whole thing and make it sound better, nicer and neater. Anyway... i better get on to my essay and complete it asap so i can do more work on the results section.

Slept at 5 am in the end.. haha. It's ok. At least donald was online accompanying me with his cheeky remarks. good thing the states is 12 hrs behind australia.. hahaha..

Quiet in the house... mmm..with jackson prob sleeping or watching anime now? We had a brief 'exchange' the other night when he came in and asked me a question without giving my suggestions a thought..and just brushing my opionions away. It's ok.. he doesnt mean it in a bad way and i dont mean to be so harsh on him as well.. so my apologies.

I managed to download Chanel Cole's Mp3s and her "history Repeat" video clip... I begin to like her version of "walk on by" as well..although it is a much milder one than Kelly Clarkson's. I guess i just like the sexy, sultry sort of voice.. Anyway, I am sort of bored with loud voices now. Too many around, prefer someone with good voice control such as Chanel or Courtney to entertain me.. Lol

Wish i hv more time with alan..recently, both of us hv been each so busy with our work that we hardly hv a chance to hv a PROPER conversation.. other than "do u want anything?" or "Hv u downloaded "monster", or "dinner's ready" or "can u help me with this".....sad. or is that considered a conversation?

anyway.. i better tidy up my rm..and get on with my reading.

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