Friday, September 24, 2004

prevalence vs incidence

guess what? i m still stuck on my reading on depression and the elderly.

Prevalence of depression- not much compared to the young

Incidence in the elderly- apparently high.

Hv to link this 2 together and make it sound like a professional essay ya? How to? that's my problem.

I am aching all over..That is a good sign isnt it? hehee.. Anyway, Nikki was back for Step M class all was good. The only thing is, next week is gonna be the last week for step m! What a disapointment. Oh.. i think nikki mentioned something abt her not coming back to cannington for the next rotation... coz 2 of her classes hv low attendence. What a bummer..since she is such a great instructor.

One of the girls n i were chatting abt how we often fall in Step M class...then we realised.. both of us took turns falling! I fell 2 weeks ago.. she fell this week.. which means.. high chance of me falling next week! How embarressing.

I participated in Chee's experiment yesterday. It was actually fun. Well, i didnt like the waiting part between the trials.. but those so call electric shocks? Just a pin-prick like what she said. I got my forearm 'grilled' by the thermal equipment.. It isnt that bad.. Not at all painful. But my arm looks cool with the grill marks after that... :p I think somepart of me must be sadistic by nature... Or maybe i hang out too much with P.D and gang.

Alan's turn to do the experiment tonight!

Got back my academic transcript. My results of last semester looks disappointing compared to last year's.

Got to buck up. Pull my socks up.

Back to reading... well... let me take it this way.. even though the literature appears to be repeating least i know i hv enough supporting evidence.

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