Tuesday, September 28, 2004

yeah yeah

haven blog for a few days now. Not because i was less busy and therefore doing other things than sitting in front of the laptop nearly- i repeat nearly cursing the lecturer ....

He wants us to answer 3 questions in ONE essay.. Is he crazy or something. Anyway, JJ pointed out something last night, that if mr y can get a better grade just becoz he wrote more..that will be unfair, since the guidelines clearly said we r only allowed 10% above 2500 while our dear mr chris lee told mr y that it doesnt matter if he wrote more than 3000 words.
But.. i am just going to do what i said to jj, write whatever i can.. no point putting in all those information if it just doesnt flow- although it will show u hv your research. But we r in 4th year now!

anyway.. been writing this essay for the past few days and it is still half way done. *sobsob* i need to hurry man. the good news is.. i think i figure out a way to link a particular section.. just hope the rest will go well.

armand commented that i do alot of complaining on the blog.. but THAT IS WHAT I USE THIS BLOG for! *hrpm* Its either that or your rm.. what do u choose? :p

anyway.. my rm is officially a paper junkie now. papers everywhere.. so many that the green peace will prob sue me if they enter. Hey.. i recycle.. prob not to the proportion to i use though..

it appears that my mother still hv 28 days of leave left.. and she might hv a 5 day work week! advantage of being a civil worker.. hahaha

ivy just had a bday..velda's today..and jackson's n irene's coming up..

singapore is finally opening up more autistic schools.. looks like i hv job prospects. Oh! and they r hiring more sports psychologists too.. hehehe..

do i really want to go back to work? hot humid weather with tiny clothes... (which i cant wear =( ).. but i guess, the environment is one thing..family is another- which i miss dearly. and my dad says 'that's becoz u r a girl.. i understand, but u really shld go out and work wherever u want'.. sounds sexist huh?

4 weeks countdown to thesis due date.

Yerkers Dodson Curve.... High anxiety-low production.

and Murphys Law "if anything can go wrong, it probably will"

how comforting.

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Anonymous said...

>armand commented that i do alot of complaining on the >blog.. but THAT IS WHAT I USE THIS BLOG for! *hrpm* Its >either that or your rm.. what do u choose? :p

Ok... maybe this blog isn't too bad after all since everyone can listen and not just me ;p But sometimes, I don't mind my room either... it depends on what exactly it's about :)

Oh well.. be thankful that we don't have the intermittent-Internet problem, and the Noisy-Neighbour problem now. *touches wood*


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