Wednesday, September 29, 2004


It's official. I ran out of paper. zip. no more.

anyway, went to gym today. it was FANTASTIC..steps were great, music great... and no body fell down! :p nikki wasnt here. but karin was.. Anyway, last step M.. so a little sad. really like that class alot..

feeling a little off.. like as if i am not in this world. i actually reached the pt where i really dun wan to be on my comp..or doing any proof reading. It is like.. crap.. i just want to stay in bed.

Well, yes, finished the essay. so i need to edit it.. edit my results n methods. it really looks half done.

i say happy things in this blog too! not just complaining! oh. yeah.btw, mand.. can.. go to your rm..but u will drive me out.. if i complain too much =( and i need to protect my feet... :p

my application forms! argh. need to get referees..

ok ok.. back to work

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