Monday, October 04, 2004


as the title implies.. nothing. i did nothing on friday.. well, if u count sleep as something.

anyway. saturday was the best. i didnt hv to wake up early to work..which means more sleep! found good bargins in coles although we had a snack attack..where everyone was stock piling snacks n tim tams.. since it was on sale.

had a wonderful night.dinner was good... we even went to formosa after that for some desert.. of coz i had my hot grass jelly, armand had the cold grass jelly, jackson had honey lemon and alan plum kumquat. The conversation was the best ever.. we discussed what sort of jokes jackson made.. whether is it corny or dry (we decided on corny)..and went on to talk abt puns. yeah armand.. i still remember the 'u want to give me your hand' one.

we ended the eveing watching the amazing race in armand's room.. ah.. what a restful day.

someone once commented how attached i am to my hsemates. but can it be helped? frankly, i can relax the most with my hsemates around.. is not becoz i dont enjoy the company of my uni friends, but somehow.. it primed me into reminding me abt work. Wheras with my hsemates, we discuss abt issues regarding work and not really into work itself.. we really let out hair down..tease each other, fight and even get physical..and i mean real physical sometimes.. (it is amazing how my bed didnt collapse, and how the carpet and beanbags r still intact)

does that mean i hv no social life? i dont think so. This is a big year for all of us in uni. and for my uni mates, they like to chill.. go out for dinner n stuff.. for me, i like simplicity. i like the no frills approach..where i dont hv to worry where to go.. where to eat.. what time i hv to get back home. we can jus go and grab some fish n chips, or order in.. sit down in front of the tv, eat and chat at the same time. OH.. we go out to friend's place occasionally.. we play with her cat and dog.. even though that was sometime ago.. or we can jus spontanously say.. lets go eat in the city..and come back in 2 hrs time or something.

in other words, i enjoy my time with my hsemates.

does one need to always hang out with many many friends in order to obtain the certificate of 'SOCIAL LIFE"? i dont think so..

dont get me wrong, i love my uni friends....they r the ones who kept me sane too. We r always there to support and encourage each othe (although i cannot deny we seen really catty stuff too). Uni mates r the ones who r there for u at 4 am in the morning..when the both of u r still struggling with the essay.. and they r the one who reassure u.. if u r it right..and bang your head if u did it wrong.

University time is prob the most.. eventful,confusing, stimulating, tiring and exhausting 4 years of my life. Ups n downs r always around. Friends come n go..but it is also through this 4 years that reveal trustworthy friendships that will last a lifetime. It is a time if u know if your classmate supports u (or stabbing your back), or if u hv good cleaning habits..and can accept other ppl's flaws and know your own flaws as well.

I will never get that if i just stay in spore. i wouldnt know... that i can be a clean freak if i really want to..and i wouldnt learn how to be flexible with cleaning (is ok if it is clean.. i dun hv to spray it 2 times with disinfectant). and if the living rm is messy for 2 weeks..that's fine too.. i dont need to keep it that tidy.. it will get messy when the next brochure day comes anyway. as long as it is not that dusty... untidyness will not kill you.

Its october. and i am in my last sem of an undergrad. Although i am happy that my undergrad life is coming to an end in abt 2 mths time.. i feel a tinge of sadness.. but then..that means i enjoyed the whole process isnt it? if not, why would i miss it.

i will prob be coming back to murdoch for 2 more years.. but will it be the same if my hsemates r no longer jackson n armand? but.. we need changes in our life always isnt it?

today is monday. I vacumed my rm and made lunch. how productive huh?

anyway, i need to get back and search for some more readings.

it was great rambling.

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