Tuesday, September 14, 2004

night falls

how time flies when u hv pile of work to do.. work goes up, pile of work on table doesnt seem to go down!!

listening to mtvs.. looking through 'errors between piaget and raven's matrices tasks"- wondering why in the world did i make things so hard for myself? grrrrr... Mr piaget, y r u not alive to answer my questions? :(

let's see..tasks for tonight. Finished up the error section, going on to strategies.. look at nice stack graphs -which took me one day to do! :(

*panic attack*- breathing deeply. HoW IN THE WOrLD can i FINISH all these in TIME??

Friday- last day for me to complete this results stuff. I hv to get on to do my 'elderly depression' essay.

oh..went to gym just now. New moves in step class.. well, horrible song choices, with only 2 songs out of the hr of exercise that i like. Good moves though. Wish they will bring body move back.. want nikki back!!!!!!! Good news, they r going to change the step platforms.. good. i dont like stepping on dented plantforms esp since i saw a male instructor breaking one before..ewww..

alan.. next rm. is he playing games or doing work? i think its work. i hope so anyway. jackson playing games. armand studying for a test. Our household is offically a stress zone in 2 out of 4 rooms at least.

spoke to my beloved ruthie this afternoon online. Horrible stories of share living..makes me want to praise the Lord more for letting me know 3 wonderful guys to be my hsemates.

I miss peggy.. my gran..lppc... What's wrong with me? Here in perth for like 4.5 years and i am missing home? power of being in 4th year psych.

vel asked me out for lunch tomorrow.. i will prob not go. oh gosh, i hv never been so anti-social in my life!! Maybe there is a singapore daphne and perth daphne... Then again, with the deadline so close, i cant sit down in peace for lunch!!!!! Comfort in my room, close to my pile of work..watching the clock go tick tock... tick tock..*shudder*.

The best time i had tonight? Alan calming me down and just holding me. hving a good conversation.. haven talk to him for ages..

Does that mean i am not interested in my thesis? Nah. Not that. Just the tedious work..acadamic life is just not for me


Anonymous said...

It's a wonder why Daphne hasn't exploded yet - she seems awfully stressed up these few days. 3 blogs in a day signals a lot of stress building up :)

Armand - who wonders why he hasn't disturbed Daphne today. Oh, a result of that could be the nice words she said 5 paragraphs from the bottom. Hmmm was it worth it?

daphne said...

hello mrx..so nice to see u drop in...:p no chance to explode yet...u want to give me a chance to explode?

to a particular mr. ratilal------hey, i wasnt kidding!!! *protecting toes and every part of feet...* :p

Anonymous said...

glad I could calm you down. I really enjoy your company.

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