Sunday, October 10, 2004

3 more weeks

argh. 3 more weeks.. jus 3 more to go.

Good and bad i guess.. good.. i can get out of my rm finally.. and cook a decent meal for my hsemates.. bad- i'hv got only 3 more weeks to COMPLETE THIS STUFF.

armand threaten to bully my feet if i dont eat. but.. isnt it the same with or without food? :p

nah. no one in this hse got the mood to cook. well, definitely not armand n myself. as for eating... i did hear armand's tummy growl... :p

i sleep with books and papers last night. and will be for the next few weeks. isnt that lovely?

in times like this, u understand that the ppl u stay with.. r the ppl who give u the most support. reminding u to eat. to get out. ..and most of all remind u that there is actually human life .... in the world out there.

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