Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Check out vel's new testimonial on friendster for me. I was so impressed that i jus have to post this on my blog.....

"Yo ho! I know I should be writing my intro.... actually the whole thesis since I have 1 week to write both the intro + discussion. before it is sent off for printing but i can't resist dropping a testimonial here for my lesib. lover.i know we haven't been spending a lot of time in bed recently because of the thesis. not to mention 3somes and hot affairs with other people except each other. stilll, don't take off my sweater while i'm taking a break from Drummond, Leary n Argyle! 4 somes with them are exhausting! not to mention that they r all old saggy men! I
can't cope with u stripping me while i am sleeping on your bed, although taking in the smells are great..:P we have to spend more quality time together after your intense affair with Piaget,
K-Smith and Davis...time to be in an *arousing* and*concrete* r/s with me...there is a
reason why u have a double bed in ur room u know.. no airy-fairy *abstract* love.. just loads of *sweat*, *blood flow* and *gazing into each other*"

hv to say though.. i didnt take off vel's sweater.. she must hv imagine it (kinky huh). well, at least her obessession r with4 old saggy men. For me, it's jus 2 ladies (davis, k-smith) and a dead man (piaget). especially love the brillant way vel's combine the key words of our project and make it sound so kinky.

key words for vel's project: "sweat"/ skin conductance, "Blood flow"- embarressment (therefore blood flow to the cheeks), "gazing at each other"/hers is a effects of staring on embarressment., "arousing"-duh, HR increase...etc

mine: "concrete", "abstract" (mm.. due to lack of space she couldnt write more.. but i', sure she will fit in "Problem solving", "strategies" and "information processing" somewhere )

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