Tuesday, October 19, 2004


reality sets in.

in less than 7 days. this project will be finally over. now.. it will be good if i finished those results that i'm still redoing. To put it in a delusional way.. it's called editing. To put it harshly, it's called RE-WRITING. argh.

chee insisted that it is non-neogiatiable for me to turn up for monday's dinner. Apparently i dont hv a choice.... *amused* well, i haven seen everyone in ages, and i do want to get out of the hse.. :P then again, it's the day when i finish that that.that.that.. thing .......and i really shld jus get home and zoom into la la land. besides, i better turn up for something before ppl decide to forget who am i :p

i', a little sian writing the 2nd part of the results now.. hving no ppl online at 6:30am, i hv to resort to writing this blog. ha ha ha.

uncertainity can be so intimidating. but perhaps looking forward to the uncertainity is what makes life a little more interesting. afterall, life will be pretty boring without a little uncertainity.

what kind of crap i am talking abt here. coming frm me. *shock at herself*

spoke to peg on msn TWICE yesterday. how good is that? after not contacting for more than a mth almost 2.. get to actually feel her presence (sounds psycho, since it is afterall..jus chatting online).

Her support is amazing.. it appears that the right choice is a painful choice but one that IS necessary.

times like this. u jus want to run to your friends n cry- knowing that they will be there, whatever it happens.

speaking of that, peg & ruth.. i need to repair my anklet! but no worries... i' m still wearing the ring and errr. staring at our bday bash date...

it hurts like mad. yet, relieved in some sense.

actually missing spore now. well.. hearing irene go into details of Fiona's wedding..and hers doesnt help. appears that there were 800++ guests over at Fiona's wedding....... since i missed, hers n irene's, crossing my fingers that i wont miss moses' and priscella's. Prob take a while for that one.. but it suxs to miss this sort of events. what can i say.. i'm a sucker for romance even if it's not happening to me. ha.

got my work schedule for next saturday. 4 kids. all in reading. no pre-di for once! glad to know doris-brandon's mum wants me back for brandon. also glad to know josh is under me once again... 2 familier kids. =) it always feels good when at the end of the term, the parent asked if u r coming back and actually LOOKed happy when u say u r.. hahaha (either that or they r really good actors..)

*cries* i haven got the chance to write the CV yet. now, applying for post-grad is like applying for a job. jus that u pay the uni to be in it for at least 2 more years *roll eyes*.

ma came back frm malacca. gran frm KL.. dad-home. aiyo. well, at least my fam is hving more fun than i am. (ok daph..get your priorities straight.. in perth for studying).

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