Friday, October 15, 2004


Got back frm helen's office this morning, spoke to david.. chatted with chee.came home..totally zonked out.

the whole afternoon actually. desperately trying to clean my stuff up..tidy up everything.refocus for the re-editing of methods n results. which is really.. alot of work. ALOT of work.. i'm scared.

hv to finish that i can get to do my discussion.

3 ppl on the panel this year r . Max Sully- org psych. Anne Peterson-social psych. Lawerence hartley-behavorist... As u can see, NONE of them will know abt cog psych. Clarity will be my only hope of bagging a 1st or 2nd uppers.

speaking of 1st, i dont mean to feel discourage but.. i guess, i got to be realistic to say.. 1st is really really....... >>>>>>>>>>>. far away at the moment

for the past 2 weeks.. some weird reason.. old friends found me.. or i found them.. it's so funny.. like this guy frm pri sch suddenly appeared in friendster..another of my friend's brother.... and my 2 little sis frm pri sch.. mm...

unmotivated to do work... unmotivated to pack.. unmotivated to eat.. unmotivated to cook... u get the drift.

need to get a book. cant wait to sit down, good book in hand..and a nice cup of coffee/tea... with light music playing at the baackground.. alone in the rm. ahhhhhhh...

and for ppl who say i'm serious.. mmm.. not sure, Maybe i do take life a little too seriously ah? but.. i'm more ditzy than ppl think (seriousness can be the mask), i say crappy jokes... can be corny at times... mmm... i'm not really that serious.. emotional yes i suppose.. mm...

i think i sang too much these days..can feel my voice going downhill.. and i sound even more horrible now.


focus daphne focus.

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