Friday, October 15, 2004

*roll eyes*

it is apparent to me that my methods n results sections.... are CRAPPY. yes. crappy crappy crappy. I cant believe i handed in such a lousy draft. Probably deserve a P....

i anticipate it will take 3 days to redo every thing. ARGH.

vel is at my place now... yay.. 2 freaked out ppl staying together.......

sang too much this morning again.. praise n worship songs.. :) . hving a sore throat :( but i found another singing kaki. haha ha.

we need more singing in the hse!!!!!!!!! (yeah. u get the msg, i'm going crazy).

someone say.. i whine alot on my blog. LOOK AT THE TITLE OF THE BLOG man..... it's for whinning!!!!! *hrmph* *strangles _____________* (yeah..btw, u can sing u know.. quackquack)

strange when things happen in your life.... and things changes unexpectedly... jus like that. Is like when Chanel sings "nothing ever change my world" with a hint of defiance, yet also in resignation. I feel hurt, sad n depressed.. but at the same time... realised that a change.. is not necessary bad... how do u hold on to the past, yet move on to the future together?

i do lash on in this blog. dont i?

i want.. to be.. so badly... in ruthie's and peggy's arms. To be close to my grandma, to massage her leg, accompany her to the doctors.

back to editing ...

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