Tuesday, January 04, 2005


a near 5 hr lunch with zinnia, sam and ruth on sunday. We spent most of the time chatting and laughing though. It was a wonderful fellowship., considering we have not sat down and hv such a good chat after so long. Oh yeah, and hearing how zinnia picked Rev Goh as her husband makes me chuckle everything i remember it. Zinnia has a unique gift of understanding ppl and making ppl feel so comfortable. Most importantly, she do not judge. She dishes out her advice and it just feels so right to be there listening to what she got to say as well.It feels like our old bible study group again....................

It was weird..seeing his parents again. But this time, as i sent him off, i felt a sense of peace within me. Is that a good sign?

Met up with Ben and Ruth after sending him off. We had a long long chat. A good chat really. To see Ben calm and collected is good. yet it worries me.

Then again, i did promise someone that i will not worry too much. Letting it go and and allowing God to handle it is something that i hv to work on.

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