Sunday, February 27, 2005

What can i say? 1 week into sch term and i am overwhelmed. The workload is definitely much more than what we have in hons and in any of the undergrad years. Everything is much more fast paced and I will prob spend more time on uni than all 3 years of undergrad combined (i am not including hons in that calculation since alot of it is self research).

The classes itself r interesting though. Not bored with any of them yet. Each one is very practical, very applied. So much so that i finally understood the importance of learning all those stuff frm intro to social psych, devo.. yes, all those first year units. And did i mention that i am glad i took advanced topic A- assessments since all those who didnt take that unit got to catch up? so even though i didnt do as well as i wanted to for that unit, the knowledge that Pia gave us will come in handy this year.

The funny thing in class is..u get to see the differences in how murdoch, uwa, ecu and curtin students respond. The murdoch students r much more demanding towards the lecturers-to the point that we tell the lecturer what WE want..wheras the uwa is much quieter...and if they do ask, it is more assignment based questions. I wonder if the murdoch students look intimidating towards the rest?

Chris Lee's unit..the first day wasnt exactly a good one. He obviously hasnt learned his lesson and wanted to lecture more than he can...or did he expect us NOT to ask him any questions? *shake head* Hello!?! this is a masters grp, practically EVERYONE asked a question during his session.. He got to leave time for that! AND 2500 words for an essay that require us to write on summary of client's condition, types of intervention...why we r not using those types of interventions..why that particular one is worth using, treatment plan..etc etc. GET REAL. Well, ok, i got him to increase the word limit to 3500 (and even that i dont think it is really enough). I think the other students (not frm murdoch) were looking at me weirdly at that pt.. Is alright though, since Stuart and Racheal both want him to give us the assignment immediately.. Mhwahahahaah.

I like Corinne's classes. Both the assessments and family n child. So far, i think Corinne's classes r the best-most organised and she knows what she is talking abt.

and VEL.. there is ONLY ONE cute guy (Well ok, he is also the ONLY guy) in my class. U guessed it.. Stuart-but he is gay. crap.

My partner for this whole year is Jade. I am quite amused though, when Meien said she felt bad because Stuart asked her to be his partner and she agreed...she said she felt that she didnt want to 'leave me hanging'. *roll eyes*. Comeon...i dont think my social skills r that bad that i cant grab someone to work with me! Anyway, Jade was in front of me so i asked her. Jade is quite a hardworker, from what i see..and so far, we get along well.

I have no winter hols. On top of seeing clients and supervison times, i got other assignments to complete during the break as well. Oh, and i got to apply for leave if i want to go somewhere.

Tons of readings to complete. Mei en looked at me in horror when i passed her a stack of readings that i printed off frm the postgrad lab.

Yes, the only perk being a postgrad..FREE PRINTING.

No, i am not surprised by the amount of readings. I gathered that if i can survive hons year with all those readings... I shld be able to handle the reading part. What i am afraid is not being able to do my best for every assignment. Perhaps the perfectionist nature is coming out, and that part that v will know i like to be through in my research for assignments.. the amount of contact time that we have, it looks like i hv to come up with a compromise (which knowing myself, i will find that hard compromise).

A part-timer told us not to be too discouraged if our grades isnt as good as what we want them to be. I guess i am trying not to put too much pressure on myself... but being in a class where u know all of them r high achievers doesnt help.

Yes, overwhelmed by the workload. Equally excited abt what we r learning.

Orientation- CBT yes..but since chris lee is there..i think we r doing a lot on schema therapy too.

And yesl i sleep early now. When u have early classes everyday...u sleep early. Well, at least i try to.

And what's wrong with hving breakfast and watching the news in the morning? someone commented that it is 'very adult'. *roll eyes* -I am trying to get into the rountine..and trying to stay healthy.

Yeah, the 2nd masters nr 3rd year dpsych students refuse to give us any concrete comments abt their first year except "pls remember to put your health and wellbeing first'- doesnt that sound scary?

Oh ya. Moses is HERE!! my dear uncle.Mwhahaha. So happy to see him last night. =)

The work might be overwhelming and scary.. but overall, i am happy. just thankful that God gave me this chance to be here.

Just plain happy.

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Thoughts said...

Jade is very nice. i spoke to her on a few occasions. u will be fine. yeah rolling my eyes at ME... her head is getting too big for anyone's liking.

yeah me overwhelmed too..... *sigh*... n seriously want to tell u abt the edu psych program thing. i spoke to D. abt it last night n asked if i should apply for the internship there n D actually said it's a gd one. from what he says, sounds like something tt we r both comfy n will enjoy with. so ring me lah when u r free since i always seem to ring u at dinner time!

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