Friday, July 22, 2005


Since i am embarking on a brand new career as a tutor in the next 2 weeks (sounds grand but really it is not), thought i should write something about what is a crap tutor:

1) Someone who cites the textbook in every tute "what did the textbook says?"
2) Someone who comes in to the tutes just for presentations.
3) Disorganised- both in tutorial and during consult time
4) Not available- That is what a consult time is for!!!!! Dont disappear. And it suxs when the tutor doesnt reply emails.
5) Returning assignments 2 months after due date.
6) Act smart
7) Look smart but talk crap
8) Waste time
9) Gives wrong information
10) Disinterested
11) Turn up late

Now, i just hv to pray to God that the above 11 points WILL NOT happen to me.

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