Friday, October 21, 2005

my wishlist

I am taking this idea from v- to remind myself of what i want. Little pleasures in life makes the journey slightly easier. Not to say I am not content with what i have, a little extra is always good although that doesnt define my life. With or without them, I am still alive (with the exception of "time" perhaps).

1) BOOKS - Yalom came out with a new book "lying on the couch", OCD by Foa will be good as well, Attachment psychotherapy stuff, child therapy stuff, how to teach parents parenting skills stuff, Amy tan's new book..........

2) Filing cabinet and a hunk to assist me with the filing- anything to make the papers go away (no burning).

3) TIME- to sleep, shower, cook, read, knit (i sound like a granny), cross stitch, travel, listen to fav music and chill, walks in the park/river/lake/estates, talk/spend time with my closest friends.........

4) MP3 player with voice recording device- If only... if only... life in the clinic/travel will be good. Music to drown everyone.

5) New quilt + bed sheets

6) Travel tickets- to Japan, Malaysia, EUROPE, korea, thailand, Singapore................................the list goes on.

7) Better writing skills-so that i dont have to edit my stuff a few million times to make it grammar errors free.

8) Clothes + shoes + bags- Cooper street black dress, i am so eyeing on that one, Witchery' sweater and tops. CARDIGAN! -why is it so hard to get a decent cardigan in perth? I just cleared my wardrobe, got rid of all the clothes i can no longer wear..... it looks bare now.

9) the chance to go have a decent haircut- This can be tied in with "TIME"

10) Prayers- for courage, strength, perserverance, patience, faithfulness, kindness, gentleness, love, goodness, joy, self-control and peace.


Anonymous said...

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daphne said...

who is rod? advertising for a website?!?!

Wakkoon said...

I think you've been spammed :)

Can look up security in blogger to reduce that (they have several options).

And I'm wishing for more time to do the little things too :)

daphne said...

thanks for that grace..would have to look that up. Under the category of "time..."


Thoughts said...

I insist that no one get any psych related books for Daf. amy tan is fine; books by Foa etc etc no no no!

daphne said...

v..... =(

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