Monday, March 13, 2006

I'm not an auntie... yet =(

TWICE yesterday, I was called "AUNTIE". Ok, fine... I feel honoured that I'm providing those who are reading this blog a chuckle.

One of Mr Ar's uncles came to visit (ok, to ask Mr Ar to check his computer) with his wife and son. Since I collect toys that may come in handy for my work, I handed the little boy of about 4-5 years old a nice ball that light up when you pressed it hard. The family was about to go off when mum said "Now, hand this ball back to AUNTIE". At that moment, it was either 1) chose to say "no no... jie jie will do" or 2) just smile and say "thanks!See you next time!"-thinking of praising him for being so polite. All those stuff about positive reinforcement. So it's either choosing 1) to make myself look petty or 2) knowing that I'm rewarding this little kid for being so good and returning the ball with good manners. STUPID ME chose number 2!!!!!!!!!! I should have never chosen this profession.

That evening, we went to another uncle's place. This time, I was playing with this little boy of 1.5 years old. I playfully asked him "Jaylan, it's late, arent you suppose to sleep?" Mum smiled and said "Tell AUNTIE, not yet, I can play a little more." Thank goodness the boy is still happily playing away with his cousins.

Give me a few more years before graduating me from the position of a "Jie jie" to "Auntie". It's strange, when I first met the family, it was "JIE JIE", barely a few months and I turned "Auntie"?


Anonymous said...

Hi Daph,

Its been quite long since i met up with u. Haha! Anyway auntie doesn't sound as bad right? Does it?? Haha! To me, u still look as young as ever! So don't worry, i will still be able to regconise you!!


daphne said...

Jw? Jennifer???

daphne said...

Wait wait? JW? Junwei???

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