Friday, May 05, 2006

I'm still here....

Sorry for my disapearing act for the past few weeks. I am alive for those who are wondering- barely but still alive.

My mid-placement review came and go. Thankfully, I did not fail and got an unexpected good review instead. :)

My experiment is on the course- Tested 4 ppl already out of my supposed sample of 60. Not bad, since everyone turned up so far. About 12 signed up on the subject pool so that's a good start.

I reached my target weight according to my weighing scale!

I have come to the conclusion that MAY is the month of wedding, engagements, pregancies and birthdays. Anyone who would like to add to the list can do so. You have another 3 weeks to go. Don't expect big gifts as my pocket is empty from earlier events. OR! You could do me a favour and propose to your girl/boy next month instead! OR just fall pregnant later.

This was what happened last night:

Mr Ar and Daphne out shopping for Haz's engagement gift in Garden City. We were doing groceries as well. This was what happened when we picked out a gift in Myers.....
7:45pm: Daphne's phone rang. "Hi Steven, what's up?"
Steven: "Ya, are you at home? I want to deliver my engagement invite to your place. If not, I will drop it into your letter box."
Daphne: "Ok..Engaged ah.. congrats. So when's the party/dinner/ whatever...?"
Steven: "A ceremony + dinner. It's this Sunday."
Daphne: "What?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? This SUNDAY? And what do you mean ceremony? You sure it is an engagement and not marriage ceremony?"
Steven: "Engagement..."
Phone call ended.

8pm- MW called.
MW: "did you hear? Steven got engaged, maybe he forgot to invite us earlier. His present how?????"

And so Mr Ar and I who thought we finished shopping for one present head back to the shops to look for another one....

Oh ya, we saw the invite. It says "RSVP by 16th of April"


Benji said...

so much for RSVP.. but hey it was "personally" delievered!! Eve's getting married in May '07..

daphne said...

OH! Finally been confirmed?

daphne said...

a friend commented that maybe he just wanted to fill up spaces... mmm... I didnt think of that one!

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