Friday, September 15, 2006

Salad ramblings

I begin to think that perhaps I should start bringing my camera around. No wait, maybe I should just place a "post it" on my hand to remember it! I made this lovely easy salad that looks terrific BUT I totally forgot to take a picture of it. It just didn't occur to me, since I was hungry and all I could think of is to EAT it.

Anyway, here is to recipe if you wish to try it:

serves 2 (or 1 huge bowl for yourself)

2 eggs- omit this if you are pressed for time. Use ham/tuna instead.
packet of gourmet mix leaves or baby spinach leaves(approxi. 150grams)
handful of walnuts-crushed
parmesan cheese
2 tablespoon olive oil

1) Boil eggs for 10 minutes. I like them just cooked. Peel and cut into quarters.
2) Wash and drain salad leaves. Set aside.
3) Heat a small pan with olive oil. Add crushed walnuts. Toast for 3 mins.
4) sprinkle walnuts all over salad leaves
5) add quartered eggs
6) shave some parmesan cheese (or buy those that is already pre-shaved). Sprinkle handful all over the salad.
7) Serve and EAT.

Took me less than 15 minutes to gather them together. I was heating up some left over risotto that I made the other night at the same time too!

It's a lovely spring day. Warm and sunny. I decided to make use of my legs + wonderful weather and walked instead of taking the bus for part of my trip to the hospital. Walk down to city as well at the end of the day. ahh..

Heading to town to pay for my air tickets back to Singapore tomorrow.

I think God is punishing me for refusing to listen to mum when I was younger. Or maybe it's his idea of humour. I'm currently editing ALL her assignments + explaining terms to her. She gets frustrated when she couldnt understand it, and then I got frustrated since I needed to draw to explain to her and it's hard just telling her over the phone! I'm so so proud of her though. She came a long way since her first assignment. It's so weird having this role reversal thing happening. Go mum go!

Pondering what to bake this weekend...


evan said...

i don't usually hv salad but when i do, it must consist of lotsa meat/dairy in there eg. ham, cheese, egg, shrimp, tuna, chicken etc. i think i'm a carnivore *ROAR* LOL

any idea where i can get rocket leaves?

daphne said...

mmm.. I once saw them in Cold Storage. Oh, you might want to try Market Place- basement of Paragon I think.

Not a big fan of rocket leaves-they taste a little bitter to me! Baby spinach is my favourite =)

The best salad is one with LOTs of smoked salmon inside.. *dreaming*

evan said...

yes, you're right!!! smoked salmon's my favorite too. i always "whack" the gravad lax when i go to IKEA restaurant :p

oh ok, rocket leaves are i recall i had it b4 and i don't like it. thx for the "reminder". will get other kinds :p

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