Sunday, September 10, 2006

Another change...

Oops, yet another change in blog design. This reflects more on me I guess- bored and restless at times. On the contrary to what people think, I do like bright colours- not just black!

Perhaps it is also a reflection of how I am feeling or would like to feel. It's strange. The past few weeks have been the busiest thus far. Phone calls, placement obligations, workshops, emails, interviews, presentation, seminars, manual writing, leading groups, church, research testing and tutoring; work kept coming in. It seems endless. Yet at the peak of it, I crave and enjoy every bit of it. Work, I guess, is becoming more of me. Part of me even. It's a conflict. I enjoy it yet dread waking up in the morning knowing that it's another full day ahead.

I spoke very little about my research on this blog. Mainly because it's an area that very little people knew I'm interested in it. It started of as a research project that my supervisor suggested, but as time goes on, it got deeper than that. Not many people realise the emotional impact of having a skin disorder like rosacea. The pain and struggles that they go through but no one recognised that it is more than just a red face. Literally, this disorder is skin deep. I'm amazed by the response I have been getting (although I am hoping for more) and the support from sufferers over at the eastern states n US.

Ambivalence. Regardless of how much one can enjoy the lessons of research and clinical work, it does get tiring at times. A part of me wish that I can narrow my roles down. I start to crave the normality of the working force, the long days at work but you do recieve annual leave (for aus) + public holidays + weekends + evenings. Given the delicate area that I work in, most places have 'stress leave' too. Well, I guess having a stable pay helps as well.

Isn't it strange? Much as I enjoy what I'm having now, I would also like to get out of here and start having a life again! Yes, a life with more social events, stable pay and a decent job that I enjoy. I'm young but I do not feel young. *If I'm my own therapist, I could either say that is a negative thought that should be change since there isn't any physical evidence to support that OR accept it as a thought and do not judge it.*

Is it the area that I work in, or does it reflect the next stage of the developmental life cycle?
Perhaps it is abit of both.

Abit of exciting news, I have been allocated a small office spot on campus! It's nothing flash- with just a small table space with desktop + filing cabinet but HEY! it's better than nothing. I think the admin lady took pity of me for spending too much time on campus. ;p

So much to update but so little time. Till the next time- have a good week and do give me feedback for this template. =)

Many many thanks to Mr AR who helped me pull this blog design through!


evan said...

hi there, i stumbled upon your blog. lovely layout and the cookies u baked looks really tempting :) i'm a foodie myself too and its great to know likeminded ppl =) take care!

daphne said...

Thanks Evan. You too!

evan said...

hi daph, thx for dropping by! yes, pls go ahead n link up. can i link u too? =)

evan said...

hi again daph :) i've linked u. thx for yr compliments...i really feel flattered. your blog is really lovely too, tho' i must spend some time reading your archives :p i'm sure you've got lotsa stuffs as well, so pls don't say you've got nothing to offer me. we do have something in common, thats food. and music right? hehe.

oh by the way, would u mind to maybe change the link to 'evan's kitchen ramblings' instead? coz thats the title of my blog actually, not 'where foodies meet'. i mean, sure, anything's fine too. in fact ppl link me up as 'bossacafez' as well. but umm, 'where foodies meet' just sound kinda weird don't u think?

daphne said...

Sure evan. It's changed-certainly sounds better.

yes. The interest in food AND music! =)

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