Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Spicy wedges with Crumbed Fish

I survived my meeting with supervisor! Just feeling abit more stressed with the impending amount of stats I have to do! argh...

*think happy thoughts*

I just realised that the picture looks like a piece of chicken!

Fish n Chips- a staple in Aussie land. One of the first food group that was introduced to me by my house mates. Despite my well intentions to keep deep fried food off my diet (or at least limit-I can only be hopeful), I find myself craving for them occasionally.

I discovered this method of making homebaked fish and chips accidentally. If memory serves me right (think iron chef? ;p), I came across this packet of spiced bread crumbs in the seafood section of the local supermarket a few years ago. Being a novice in cooking and out of curiosity, I read the instructions and thought ok.... "will try".

There was no turning back. I have since used those breadcrumbs on chicken drumsticks (when I crave for kfc), squid/calamari (yummydelicious-that's another post) and of course, fish!!

It's really simple too. Just coat fish in egg and then packaged breadcrumbs, line it on tray, spray it with olive oil, oven baked it for 15 mins or so in 180-200C oven and tAdA, you have crumbed fish! Crispy one as well. If you really really crave for the crunch, then pan-fried it with some oil and spread.

I even got my grandma hooked on it. Sometimes, she used the plain breadcrumbs but marinated the fish with chilli and tumeric for that extra omph.

But this post isn't really about fish. It's about chips. Wedges to be exact.

Don't you just love a good potato?

Oven baked spicy crunch wedges
2-3 medium sized potatoes. I used royal blue
3 tablespoons of good olive oil OR use spray
sea salt
freshly grounded black pepper
3-5 teaspoons of chilli flakes

1) Preheat oven to about 180-200C
2) Cut potato into wedges. Liberally coat them with olive oil and all seasoning. Line them on tray
3) Baked it for about 25 mins or so. Remember to turn them half way through.
4) Serve and sing "hot potato, hot potato"- (Wiggles!)


Kelly Mahoney said...

The pictures look great, nice dishes.

Shayne said...

mmmmm I think I might make fish next week if I can find some good fish.

Retno Prihadana said...

Yumm..I love fish and potato. It´s a good idea just baking in the oven. Thanks for sharing.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Oh wow, that piece of fish really looks like deep-fried instead of oven baked leh...well done!

P/s It does look like chicken strip! :P

tigerfish said...

The last time I bake fish in the oven, it failed! :(

yours look almost like those fish fingers I used to have, sandwiched in bread...long long time ago.

daphne said...

Hi Kelly-thanks! =)

Shayne- yeah! It's hard to find good fish these days. It must be harder in your area/country?

Retno-hehe.. I'm lazy! Everything in the oven. Less mess! ;p

Little Corner- Yeah! I was surprised too but of course it is not as crunchy as the real McCoy but hey... it tastes pretty good to us.

Tigerfish- oh dear. U have to tried this method! It works. Been using it for many years and it hasn't failed yet. Fish burgers! AH! that's an excellent idea! Thanks!!!!!

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