Sunday, February 15, 2009

Coffee and Fruit Walnut Loaf

Another long over due post but here is introducing you a new gadet that has appeared in my kitchen!

A BRAND new bread maker!


AR gave me 5 presents for Christmas..Very generous huh..They are

1) a new bread maker
2) 1 packet of Coffee and Fruit Walnut Loaf bread mix
3) 1 packet of Tuscany Tomato bread loaf mix
4) 1 bottle of yeast (yup, he wrapped that one up too!)
5) Bread slicer (not a real bread slicer, just something that keep your bread in place when you slice it)

AND that loaf is the first loaf of bread that was baked. YEAH!

Not much of a recipe but I added extra coffee into the mix, extra fruits and walnuts as well.

This bread maker + pre packed flour made it sooo easy to bake a loaf of bread. Just measure, preset and wait!

Woohoo! FRESH BREAD in the kitchen. hehehe.


ai wei said...

wahhh! it's looking soft and fluffy! can i have some?! plssss

Big Boys Oven said...

defintely to my liking, just awesome just to smeall a f :)reshly baked bread!

wmw said...

I love the smell of fresh bread! What more coming from your own home...

Little Corner of Mine said...

How great, what a nice Christmas present! Now you can have fresh bread anytime you want. Mine has been sitting in my pantry for a couple of months now, oops!

SIG said...

Wow cool! lucky gal!

Piggy said...

Congrats on your new breadmaker! It has been on my "to-buy" list for long time and I can't decide whether I should buy or not. But after seeing your yummy bread, I think I should get one.. heehee!

mikky said...

great gadget, great bread... he's smart to give you this... :)

Katie said...

Yum! It looks wonderful. I can almost smell it.

daphne said...

ai wei- anytime!!

big boys oven- me too!

wmw- i know! it's such a nice luxury to be able to smell that early in the morning.

little corner-i was warned abt that too. Let's see how often I will use it! haha.

sig- haha. i love it! thanks.

piggy- u hv to! it's soo useful.

milky- i think so too! Now he gets to eat the bread as well. Smart huh.

Katie-haha. yeah! it is indeed a cool gadget!

Anonymous said...

wow, i'm so envious, i've always wanted a breadmaker ;-) just blog-hopping. have a nice week!

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