Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bento Lunch- Smoked Salmon Salad

I am blessed with lovely friends- fate has it that Singairishgirl and I hit it off straight away with our common interest in FOOD of course.

Drooling at the trend in bento boxes in the blogging world, Singairishgirl sensed my despair as I couldnt locate any that I like in Perth. I am sure we can get it from ebay if we want it badly enough but I can't seem to find one that I fancy.

I was so excited about it that I promptly brought it to work the next day. Girls in the office were full of "wooo..ahhh..and how cute!" comments. With pride, I attacked my food and somehow it tastes a tad better in that pretty pink box.

Packaging works! 

Sweet Singarishgirl even included in some cute picks and a fork! No more office cutlery for me! (Also handy as I spend a big part of my day travelling in a car, so this means I can have a salad in my make shift car office anytime I like).

Thank you D! Your generosity and thoughtfulness is really really appreciated!


tigerfish said...

Nice pink lunch box perks up work, surely :P

Little Corner of Mine said...

Love the bento! Guess now you will prepare more bento to bring to work. ;)

Aimei said...

Hey i have the same bento box as yours! its has been with me for to two years from what i remember... i agree that packaging works! ;)

Life for Beginners said...

Thoughtful AND cute. I wish I can have a home-packed bento lunch every day. :)

B@bYh|r0Sh| said...

your bento RAWKS!!!! Looking forward to more bento from you!!

daphne said...

tigerfish- oh yeah!

little corner- hehe, yes! for sure.

aimei- ^5! good to know we like the same box. kekeke

kenny- a hint to your partner perhaps ;p

irene- YA! cant wait to come back in june to have more BENTO boxes!!!

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