Friday, April 16, 2010

Presto Pasta #159

It's Pasta Party time guys!

I'm back with a blast to host this week's Presto Pasta. Looking at what we have today, it's truly a feast for the eye.

The long sort of pasta, the short form, the chinese noodle form- I learned recently that Napoleon took the noodle idea from China and brought it back to Italy. What a creative and smart man. He knew that pasta is too good to be true to be hidden from the world.

Without further ado, come grab your utensils of choice. Whether it be a long pair of chopsticks, a fork or just plain fingers.... come and have some fun:

We welcome Ching from Little Corner of mine as our first entry. I am a big fan of hers as she comes up with such great simple ideas that is suitable for the family. This Salmon Noodle Soup is perfect for our cooler autumn Perth weather.

Then we have Juliette from A Little Foodie sharing with us her Spaghetti with Sardines and Capers. Juliette is completing her Masters at Oxford and needed that extra bit of comfort. I think pasta is one of the best option-don't you agree?

 Chaya from My Sweet and Savoury is trying to recover from bronchitis. She made a delicious and healthy light meal figuring lots of veges, cheese and pinenuts. Apt name for this too - A bowl of goodness!

One of my favorite bloggers of all time is back in action! Mochachocolate-Rita presents us with Easy Spicy Mackeral Pasta.  I like how canned food can make pasta looks and tastes so posh too!

 Chaya certainly enjoys pasta! This is her second entry from  Chaya's Comfy Food Blog. I say more recipes the better! Her New York Pasta looks like it's perfect for a cool night.

What can I say? Noodles are so versatile. Little Inbox from Eating Pleasure shared with us on a new type of noodle that is made with soy. It resembles one of my favourites- Penang Char Kueh Teow but using soy noodles instead of rice. She presents us with Fried Soy Noodle! I like mine with heaps of chili please!

Salmon is always a winner for me. Jeanne from CookSister! joins is with this creamy and yummy dish-Smoked Salmon Penne. I can taste the dill with the salmon already.

I will have a hard time resisting this fresh, spring dish for sure! Kirsten From Kirsten's Kitchen To Yours came up with this amazing dish with fava beans- Smashed Fava Beans with Rosemary and Soba Noodles. I like the idea of rosemary and soba too. It looks so green and fresh that you can nearly smell the sunshine that comes with it. Too bad Perth seems to be heading towards the winter route!

Joanne from Eats Well With Others joins us with this yummy looking dish Beef Pierogi. These cute little dumplings costs alot of sweat for Joanne but I can tell it is all worth it!

Who says Vegan can't have alot of variety in their meals? Kahakai proves us wrong by sharing with us this Fresh Ginger and Basil Pasta dish. One thing for sure, it looks healthy. Pop down to Kahakai Kitchen for more vegan inspiration!

Presto pasta always welcome new creations and Katie from Thyme from Cooking has done an awesome job with her Pasta Primavera. Look at how fresh and green it is! Spring brings so many opportunities when it comes to fresh veges! Love how she uses yogurt in this. Healthy and creamy without the calories!  

So many times, I choose to use shortcut methods to cook. Sarah from What Smells So Good cooked up this mean bowl of Roasted Chicken Noodle Soup from scratched. I mean, she roasted the chicken, made the stock using the bones of the chicken and even found a way to combine them in her own homely way. This is perfect for cold and stormy Perth.

Whoever says that noodles/pasta are for savoury dishes only? Cool Lassie from Pan Gravy Kadai Curry has kindly shared with us her Cocoa and Saffron Vermicelli Pudding. It's Vishu and Cool Lassie cooked up a stormed with this pudding to celebrate the event. Totally brings me out of my zone and I love it!

Reeni from Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice brought us two very comforting dishes to share. Artichoke Chicken and Parmesan Orzo oozes out with creamy appeal. With white wine, lemon, garlic and chicken both as a base, it must be a winner on the dinning table.

Reeni's second dish is Ricotta Cauliflower Creamy Pasta with Toasted Garlic  Bread Crumbs. Doesn't that sound divine? Reeni also mentioned that Parmesan and cauliflower are perfect matches! Ah, now that's something new that I have learned.

Cynthia from Kitchen Slave brought a fantastic dish to share. Creamy Tom Yum Chicken. She said that the real thing is so much better than eating packages of instant noodles. Looking at the final product, I can see why!

Sometimes, I think that the most last minute meals tastes the best. Libby from The Allergic Kid put together Creamy Chicken Florentine quickly one dinner. It turned out to be a big hit with her kid and why wouldn't it? I would never call this ugly chicken dish for sure. In fact, it looks very hearty!

ooo, I like the look of this pasta. Ruth the awesome founder of Presto Pasta and author of Once Upon A Feast shared with us that this "tiny little pasta that shape like tire" holds all the sauces so well. I can see why, they nearly looked juicy don't they? Check out her Radiatore all'Arrabbiata.

Of course, my dish for Presto Pasta this week is Garlic Chili Chorizo Prawn Zucchini Pasta.

What great fun to host this week's Presto Pasta! Make sure you come back next week =) Send your entries to Cythina from The Kitchen Slave chuang2(at)travelers(dot)com and cc ruth at ruth(at)4everykitchen(dot)com


Cynthia said...

Daphne, thanks for hosting PPN this week! I hope you submit something delish to the roundup next week =)

Little Corner of Mine said...

What a great roundup Daphne, I enjoyed reading it.

Joanne said...

Great round-up! I love your pasta dish...chorizo is just so fantastic.

Ruth Daniels said...

Daphne, you did it again! Great job hosting. Thanks so much for all your efforts.

And to all you fantastic pasta makers...keep up the good work, and remember...we need more pasta for next week.

Cinnamon-Girl said...

I'm in carbilicious heaven! Thanks for including my dishes. I enjoyed your round-up!

very culinary said...

Always so many wonderful new dishes to try. Great job hosting, Daphne!

Mochachocolata Rita said...

great roundup! well done hosting, sweetie :D

Cool Lassi(e) said...

An excellent roundup. Some of the pictures, especially my picture is very fuzzy..was the resolution reduced? Just curious.

daphne said...

thanks everyone!

Cool Lassi(e)- no worries! the resolution was not reduced but when I insert picture, it came up really small-then I chose large which made the photo larger but quite fuzzy!

katiez said...

Great job! I can't decide what to do first.... They are all delicious!

mangocheeks said...

You seemed to have missed my entry. I did e mail it to you.

mangocheeks said...

Here's the link.

Debinhawaii said...

Thanks for hosting--great job. So many fabulous dishes. (And just so you don't think I am always vegan and healthy my pasta this week is full of bacon lol!)



daphne said...

Thanks Katiez!

Hi Mangocheeks! Sorry about the missed entry. It did arrive in my mailbox on Saturday =) But no fear, that has been forwarded to the next host =)

Debinhawaii- hehehe, oh yeah! your blog is amazing with so much variety!

Libby said...

(Very belated) thank you to you for including me in your gorgeous round up! It looks great.

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