Monday, May 03, 2010

Garlic Bread

Food always evoke memories. Garlic Bread must be one of the first food item I learned how to make-together with a few other girls from church. Our church senior taught us how to make the garlic mixture, we toasted them and sold it in our little church cafe to raise funds. That recipe never left me, and every time I made this, it reminded me of my fun teenagehood days.

I made this for our bbq nights when friends come over for some tucker. One huge french loaf will make 3 sticks of it. Always the first to go, it is pure comfort when waiting for the meat to be sizzled on our bbq.

Garlic Bread (enough for 1 french loaf)
around 5-6 tablespoons of spread or butter
2 generous tablespoons of choppped garlic or more if adventurous  
2 tsp of Italian dried mixed herbs
1 tsp of sugar
pinch of salt 

mix everything up till it becomes smooth.. Spread mixture in cut french loaf. Wrap in aluminum foil and bake it in preheated oven 180C for 15 minutes.


Precious Pea said...

I love garlic bread too....your recipe sounds simple enuff. I shall make some for my next bbq, not forgetting the haloumi chorizo too!

Life for Beginners said...

I still remember the Pizza Hut garlic bread I used to scoff down as a kid. Now it's time for the real, grown-up stuff! :D

noobcook said...

looks so so so yummy. I just made some garlic toast yesterday using roasted garlic puree. but I like the taste of fresh chopped garlic in garlic bread too :)

tigerfish said...

Must be smelling garlicky-nice ;D

Little Corner of Mine said...

I loved garlic bread, what's not to love about garlic ya.

Beachlover said...

I love garlic bread too but lazy to make myself...look great!

Joanne said...

Garlic bread tastes like comfort food to me. What a delicious recipe!

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