Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tuna Potato Cakes

We have been trying to incorporate more fish in our diet recently. I used to buy tins of tuna when they are on sale, as I like them in our sandwiches or pasta bake. Given that the weather was abit cold for the past few months, we neglected those tins that have been sitting in the pantry! So for dinner one evening, I took 2 tins out and made is tuna potato cakes. Tins of tuna is probably one of the cheapest way to add fish in diet without breaking the bank. Seafood is sooo expensive in Aus-and I wonder why since we are surrounded by water.

Mashed some potatoes, squeeze of lemon and added in the tins of tuna. I chopped some spring onions and fold them through- simply love the crunch of those spring onions not to mention texture!

I did add abit too much milk when mashing the potatoes. That was saved by adding in around 1/2 cup of flour. This also gave the cakes a firmer patty which resulted in a nicer flip in the pan (and u guys know my flipping woes...)

Tuna Potato Cakes (made enough for 2 meals for 2 people!)
3 tins of tuna (I used 1 tin in spring water and the other two are lemon pepper)
4 potatoes cooked in boiling water
around 2 tablespoons of  margarine or butter
1/2 to 1 cup of milk (I used soy)
around 1/2 up of plain flour
chopped spring onions-around 2-3 stalks of it
some pepper

Mash potato with milk and margarine. Fold in tuna, flour and spring onions. Season. Shape into patties and pan fry them around 3-4 minutes on each side. Serve with green salad.


Little Corner of Mine said...

I heard water is very expensive in Australia too, is that true? Great idea of using tin tuna for this!

daphne said...

u r right! it is expensive!

tigerfish said...

I like canned sardines too. Anyway, canned tuna, canned salmon and canned sardines are the only canned fish I have tried.

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