Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Garlic Chorizo Prawn Paella

While I'm not too sure if this is true paella (Since i didnt use the correct rice or pan!), this one pan dish was made with absorption method. Chorizo and prawns are such a great fit together, then the flavours seem to be absorbed so easily by the rice. I heated up stock before hand and just pour it into the pan when the rice is ready to be cooked.

Nonetheless, it was a easy meal to make, without fuss but with hot flavours.

Garlic Chorizo Prawn Paella (Serves 4)
2 cups of rice 
3 cups of chicken stock heated up
1 tablespoon of garlic
1 chorizo sliced thinly
around 150 grams of shelled prawns
2 cups of frozen peas
1 cup of sliced mushrooms
2 tsp of smoked paprika
1 tsp of mixed spice
1/2 tsp of chili powder

Saute garlic and chorizo till chorizo is cooked. Add prawns and fry to slightly pink. Toss in rice, coating it with the essence in the pan. Ladle stock into pan and cook rice till fluffy. Toss in peas, mushrooms and all the spices. Simmer for another 5-10 mins. Taste and season accordingly.



Little Inbox said...

It looks like fried rice, hehe...

lenyh said...

Looks nice. Im a big fan of chorizo.

daphne said...

little inbox- hahaha, U R RIGHT! it feels and even tastes like fried rice!

lenyh- thanks!

lena said...

hi, first time here. I also came across a paella dish few days ago and he was using a paella pan took that and that is all new to me and yours look appealing too!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Oh yum, I would love to have a plate of this.

Big Boys Oven said...

wow I miss having this dish! :)

tigerfish said...

I cook this way very often. It's like no frying but you still get ...fried rice, kind of! ;p

noobcook said...

like what the others say, totally look like fried rice, minus the possible oil splatters ;)

Joanne said...

I like to think of paella as a state of mind. If your intention was paella, then paella it is! And it sounds/looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

This is a much simpler paella! I would love to try this one. Thanks a lot for sharing.
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Mochachocolata Rita said...

Would love to try! and get the bottom burnt a bit heheheh

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