Thursday, February 10, 2011

Grass Jelly Dessert

Growing up in Singapore, one of my favourite drink in the markets is Chin Chow or Grass Jelly. It's really a herb that is made into a jelly form and has "cooling" properties to cool down on a hot day.

Perth is going through a pretty hot summer this year, with 38/40C days. Sometimes, I feel like I'm being "cooked" underneath the hot sun.

Although we can purchase cans of grass jelly drinks, I noticed a packet of grass jelly powder that can be cooked easier on the stove top. It sets and becomes big blob of jelly-similar to what we can buy in supermarkets in Singapore. I love to have them in large cubes and eat it like a dessert rather than it being a drink.

Another alternative that I have yet to try-and maybe I could during winter, is to make this into a warm dessert. A Taiwanese eatery in Perth sells this with red bean and tapioca pearls. Ahhh.. warm desserts rocks as well.

In the meantime, granny taught me how to make a cool syrup using pandan leaves, and a mixture of rock and brown sugar.

Grass Jelly Dessert(Serves 5-6)
1 packet of Grass Jelly powder
1 can of logans

Follow instructions on packet. Set the grass jelly.

500 ml of water
1 cup of brown sugar
1/2 cup of rock sugar
3-4 pandan leaves tie in a knot

Simmer ingredients till it becomes slightly thick. Around 10 serves.

Spoon grass jelly in bowls, Add logans and syrup. Serve cold. If you want, you can use the syrup from the logan can instead of simmering one yourself =)



Unknown said...

One of my favorite summer desserts!

tigerfish said...

So hot! But as long as it's not humid, then it is not that bad. Chin Chow can cool us down, alrightee!

Little Inbox said...

This is a special way to consume Guai Leng Gou.

Sophie ala Mode said...

I love grass jelly dessert. They are perfect in hot summer times.

daphne said...

rita- for sure!!

tigerfish- exactly! a cool drink is always welcomed.

little inbox- hehe, but this is not guai leng gou. it is liong fun =)

sophie- i'm glad u feel the same way too!

Little Corner of Mine said...

I loved this! Make sure a great cooling dessert too.

lolo said...
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Quay Po Cooks said...

Daphne, you are one of the winners for my Valentine's giveaway. Please email me your postal address at Many thanks for your participation. Have a wonderful weekend. This dessert looks wonderful. Nice pic.

Joanne said...

Wow. I have DEFINITELY never heard of this before! But I'm a pretty adventurous eater...would love to give it a try!

daphne said...

Thanks Quay po!

Joanne-i hope you get to try this one day! It's really refreshing!

noobcook said...

I like chin chow too... recently the weather here is very hot, this is the perfect drink to cool down.

Unknown said...

Hi Daphne!
Just found your post here. I am kindly asking if I can use one of your picture about grass jelly in my blog. With linking the source of course.
I am from Hungary currently working in Singapore for a while. I write a blog (unfortunately it is in Hungarian) about this beatiful city and one of next post would be about grass jelly.
So what you say? Thanks for your attantion anyway :)

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