Saturday, October 09, 2004


for the past 3 days. many thoughts are swimming in my head. thoughts for intro thoughts for friendship, relationships.. all messed up.

One thing is clear now..that the person who will be my future partner will be someone who probably loves God more than i do. well, at least, he will be someone, who will lead the relationship wth me and not alone.

Anyway, yeah.. my past came back to haunt me. Yet.. it brought me back what i believed before. It ignited something in me that i forgot it existed in the first place.

3 more weeks to go huh.

To be a worryer.. yeah. i m. someone said i worry too much abt others. do i? perhaps. is it in my blood? perhaps.

i miss cherie ann. i really do. hope she is doing well.

tired. depressed. that's what i m these days.

panic a couple of times. scared really.. i hv no idea how to finish my work in time.

focus is what i need to do. yet.. i seem to lose my direction.

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