Friday, October 08, 2004


mm. Tired. Feeling sleepy again. Crap! comeon.. i just woke up.

Reading schemas now. Not bad. BUT I NEED TO START WRITING.. i really got to bring something in for helen on monday.. or at least tuesday or something. =( i'm scared.

Called Donald yesterday. Couldnt resist it. The scary thing was, i did remember his voice.. i might hv forgotten his name, but i didnt forget his voice. I remembered he was one of those kors with a very very nice, and dare i say..even sexy voice. Somethings never change.

its ok. i will not and do not cheat on alan. hahahha :p

spoke to benji earlier too. I think i come to realised that.. i really need a strong figure in my relationship.

Anyway, i need to rethink alot of stuff.. and get back into writing.

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