Thursday, October 07, 2004

Mr Jean Piaget

It was an amazing night-till morning of full on works on Mr Piaget. We hv a love-hate r/s. Love his guts.. love some of his works, hates his narrow view on some issues. Then again, that was want prompt me to be in this mess. Silly me, trying to find out more and bring another perspective of his work into the world again.

It was a night of discovery. Who would have known that the past bites u back when u least expected it?

During secondary school days.. and i am sure ruthie and peggy are well aware if they are reading this.. that i was crazy over St Patricks' guys. Main reason becoz i had a HUGE crush someone there, therefore i wanted to know more ppl from St Pats. So what did i do? IRCing of coz!

Lets see, the closest 'kors' that i had was someone named "Justin", "Jeremy" and "Yiquan". At least those are the 3 that i remember very clearly. Turns out that Justin became a good friend of my ex-classmate also by the name of Justin few years later.. I know, very confusing.. but that's cool.

Yiquan, remains a very good friend and we are still in contact now although quite rarely.

Jeremy, i hv no idea where he is at the moment, but someone told me he is in the army currently.

Bear with me.

U see, i used to chat on the phone with these 3 guys as well. Those were the times when i wanted ppl to talk, and having not many friends except my best best friends-u know who u r... it was nice.. just chatting with strangers, getting to know other ppl like that. IT was risky behavior, but i guess i felt safe becoz.. haha. they were all my crush's friends. Silly. very silly.

Why not girls u asked? dont know? that was just a phrase.. an exciting phrase i must add.

Anyway, i digressed. Apparently, chatting with jeremy.. .isnt exactly chatting with him. I cant remember what happen, but it seems there were times i chatted with another guy named Donald. Did i know is that donald? i really cant remember.

That is the guy who came back and bite me.

He was the guy who with another friend of his staged everything up and lied to me.

And so, i wonder, if he like my voice that much why did he do that for? He said "the promise" -that he had with his mate. I guess it something between them that i am better off not knowing anyway. That reminded me of being a bet when i was in sec one.

So all along, he knew who i was. For that many years... since like what? I was 14 or 15?

I guess, this 'sega' reminded me of who i was in those days. I was a risk taker... haha. and i like talking to people...strangers. Ok, so i still do it now to ppl on the bus stops but no. i no longer go ircing and talk to just guys ok?

That epi also reminded how...........crazy i was over that certain someone.. who remains a very good friend. It never happened, i told him, so that he can reject me and that i can move on with my life..which it did. I think he was more amused when i told him abt it.

And that was prob when all the phone calls ended as well.. I think i did remain contact for a while with those 3 guys but it faded.

What don reminded me was probably quite precious. This is the side of me that no one has seen of me... for a very long time. Not even alan seen me like that before. The carefree, the risk-taker, boy-crazy daphne.

I changed. More cynical now, critical even., and very much aware of my responsibility but that's really part of growing up.

So here i was..reading Mr' Piaget and getting to know this donald that i hv already knew so many years ago.

Upset? well, truthfully, this makes things different because he KNEW who i am all along. But i think i was more tired and excited abt talking abt the past.. and probably in the midst of it, hurt as well.

But i recover fine.

Will i continue to talk to don? Yeah. I definitely well. He stays up late- which is always a bonus. and probably.. will remind me of my own character that even i forgot till now.

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