Wednesday, October 06, 2004

ravens n piaget

oh gosh. reading abt the 'dimensionality of raven's matrices' very unstimulating.

i did ask that internet friend abt it. and he did say he lied. pranks as usual. did i take it lightly.. buddy, in the internet world, u hv to be wary. i might be naive, but not that naive.

also, i am upset. but not angry. more upset with myself probably than with him or his pal. whoever that was.

but, in the end, common sense prevails.

am i going to continue talking to him? i dont see y not. call me naive again. hahaa

anyway, been reading all abt Raven's matrices. oh. did i mention this guy cited in german? luckily psychinfo got the eng one.

oops.. yeah. not on dimensionality.. i m actually on 'item analysis of advanced matrices'

alan went for chee's experiment today.. it wasnt painful.. see.. i said it wasnt.

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