Tuesday, October 05, 2004


went out this morning to grab some present for Josh.. Haz's bf. In the end, we got him a polo-t, nice Jag belt.. and a nice box to put the present in :p

Amazing discovery on internet friends can cheat you.. or play with words for that matter. So i did a simple search of an internet friend that i know for ages and found his true identity. Isnt that scary? And you know what...... sort of reveal him? He asked me to look at his essay which i did, and guess what? The style of writing isnt similar to what i expect an American to write. oh! and he is in Brisbane n i suspect.. he is a singaporean! :p

Well, i guess the only thing that bother me is that he lied. BUT this is the game of the internet. Even though i known him since like..mm.. i cant remember, many many years ago, i dont really talk to him at all, but just recently, we started chatting on line again. Obviously, i wasnt that stupid to reveal any too personal information abt myself.

From the info i got, i think he believes it is all great fun and prob trying to create a false idenity to protect himself. But.. given i found these information rather easily...... the power of the internet.

Anyway, be wary abt who u talk to online.. :p

cant wait for that guy to come online so that i can ask him abt it.. which i assume he will deny!!! :p

will update later.. if i hv the mood

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