Tuesday, November 09, 2004


the gift of giving, loving, caring.. and perhaps hope is never easy. The path.. the route, will always in one way or another.... create a certain amount of pain along the way. Is the pain that makes a person grow..change.. and perhaps mature into a better person. for like what a dear friend says.. the end of the road signals a change in direction...

listening to sandy lam's scars. think that song sort of describe a little how i feel... but i'm learning... probably a little wiser..

there is a right time for everything.and perhaps for some ppl..they think that it is not the right time for us (exams.thesis..assignment). but whatever the case is, is something that was hanging for so long..that perhaps, that is one big thing off both of our shoulders.

no one to blame. and no sides to take.


personality. there r so many parts of me..that i forgot it exist. when ppl pointed out that i'm more ditzy, bubbly, happy....the daphne now.. i wonder.. but it does feels as if i'm 16 again. to a certain extent of course.

so we r moving on.. at least i hope. and i pray.. hard.

thanks ppl..that in these tough times, there r so many ppl who care. who love, who bother, who trusts, who appreciate..

esp those..who encourages me.. and him. and reminding who am i. for telling me that my personality is showing again. that i'm an individual again. and people who like me for who am i (that sounds like bridget jones diary..)

there will be ppl who support our decision..some who think it is dumb.. but eventually... i think it isnt an easy decision to make. and one that took us ages.

so... i'm me. at 21. daphne.


er. ok. i sound melodramatic.. ew.


now that i got that stuff out.

i dont necessarily agree with all that velda said in her comment.. but yeah. i realised how naive i was.

as for armand.. hey boy. yes.. my amazing race kaki.. and my bullyer.. u cant deny.. u got more fun bullying me! hrmph.

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Thoughts said...


ofcourse u don't agree with everything I say dear. that was my cynical personality emerging....

also take into account of past history dear...

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