Tuesday, June 28, 2005


ok. fine. i am procrastinating. I cant help it. I am faced with this pile of green papers behind me (and i jus ran out of them) and just started organising them. Yes, i hv this big file due this friday but just feeling ..... i dont know, a need to vent before going back to the papers again.

I hv the monday off uni. It is a luxury to work at home these days. When will i ever hv a proper few days where i dont need to care about work or worry about anything at all? This is prob a 'welcome to the working world' message huh? Then again, seeing clients solely feels better than just trying to get to classes AND being a therapist.

Day off uni- list of things to do include writing, writing and more writing. Actually, i cant tell if it is better to work at home or in uni. I seem to procrastinate more at home but less in uni... maybe it is the environment.. just seem lazier at home?

I guess after such a great weekend... it is hard to get back to work on a monday again huh (wait a min.. i started doing stuff yesterday). Btw, it is a waste of time standing by the dryers for 2 hours waiting for your clothes to dry in the laudromat... not to mention doggy characters!!!!

On a brigher note, i found mee siam paste in my freezer last week. Called home and asked if it was grandma who brought that over..she said 'i think so... yeah, probably..i forgot all abt it' Anyway, we had mee siam for lunch yesterday =) Surprisingly, it tasted almost like the REAL thing (except we pay 90 cents for a LIME!).

"Listen with your heart" Casey Donavan
And when this world has got your mind confused
And when your faith has gone and run out on you
You can't find that faith in your soul
You don't know which road to choose
That's when you've got to

Listen with your heart
Listen to your soul
Inside you'll find the answer
The place you need to go


Thoughts said...

it just means that u need to take time off and rest:)

Ruthie said...

pamper urself...have a break...
erm...u can choose to have a kit kat too :p

anyway, I guess student life or work life, we're juz filled with loads of paperwork n reports
and speaking of work life...u prob wanna welcome me to work life tml arvo

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