Monday, August 01, 2005

function of a blog

I have recently read in "The Straits Times" - in the "Digital Life" section that blogs are just online diaries. There was also this reporter who went around looking for the 'chioest' (if there is such a word) female blog and the male version of it.

Are blogs just online diaries where people wants their lives to be written, heard and witnessed by the cyber world? To summarise, are 'bloggers' (i dont really like to be associated with that word) just attention seakers? I mean, there is no point taking a person seriously when all the reporter was looking for is a good looking person (without looking at whether he/she writes well or if the content of the blog is meaningful at all!). I went to the 'recommanded' websites, and frankly speaking, i was not impressed with most of them. Some of them, of course, are written beautifully but the rest, are no more than daily life accounts. Should they be considered as 'recommanded blogs' i wonder? What do they recommand them for? looks?

I suppose my function of a blog is simpler..naive even.

Disclaimer: There is nothing wrong with writing details of your life in a blog, afterall, there is freedom of speech, i was just horrified with what the reporter was actually looking for in a good blog.

For some people, the function is to keep people updated of their life which is part of a reason why i started this blog as well.

However, for me.. a blog is for me to rant, vent, to express my emotions, thoughts and feelings. Is a space for me to update people on my frustrations and my joys. I remembered the period of time, when i went through my breakup and how this blog helped me to express some of my confusion. I remembred how this blog enabled me to connect with my close friends (and since i dont answer my mobile phone often now, this is the place where i stay connected to them!).

Not everything is about looks. I admired one lady who wrote a blog on how she was battling with cancer. Or perhaps there was another one that i read a long time ago, who was writing on her struggles of being a mother of an autistic son. Dont ask me for their links as that was AGES ago that i surf blogs.

Are people just down right shallow that even when it comes down to a simple thing like blogs- it is looks that they were looking for afterall. Or perhaps there are really some blogs out there that aim to get their name out by having a blog.

horrible huh?

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