Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Interestingly, i scored 13 on the general health questionnaire. Seems that anything above 5 means stress. You should have seen PD's face when i told him that. I dont feel stress though. Mainly just tired i suppose, but frankly speaking... if you are not tired being in a schedule from 6:45 am- 11ish pm, i would call that person abnormal.

The lecture was about stress. A 2nd year masters student asked if we would lose weight being in the sauna since there is physiological arousal. the lecturer answered: "If you are sitting in a sauna, it is almost equivalent to being in an oven...eventually, you will get cooked." I find that hilarious. :p

I am sick of sandwiches. I make salads instead!!!!

Smoked Salmon salad (serves 2)
packet of salad leaves
handful of pine nuts
smoke salmon
red capsicum (sliced)
homemade coutons (just cut bread in cubes, sprinkle with olive oil and parmesan cheese, baked for 20 minutes, 200 degrees C) or can just buy from stores.
A tomato
Hardboiled egg
Avocado slice

Throw everything together in a lunchbox. Eat.

That is even faster than making a sandwich!!


Thoughts said...

nah u r just tired:)

my schedule's around the same as yours too, except that it extends to the whole of Sat too.


i beg to differ about salads being faster! sandwiches r quicker because u don't have to spend time making things like hard boiled eggs!:P

daphne said...

mm.. i shall argue that pt by saying that hardboiled eggs is abt 15 mins-that is the whole duration it takes to make the salad.

I suppose if the sandwich only consist of peanut butter and bread..of course it is faster :p

Thoughts said...

hee, slapping ham, cheese and sprouts btw 2 slices of bread will still be faster than a salad!:)

Ruthie said...

more ideas for lunch please...
I hate thinking what to cook n eat
now I'm really beginning to appreciate college even more

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