Tuesday, August 16, 2005

nicks nacks stingy moments

a rare moment- client cancelled. I can stay at home to do work for the afternoon.

I had a stingy moment.

To pay 50c for a cup of tea in uni means $2.50 a week = $10 A MONTH.

I can buy my CHAI LATTE and earl grey tea for like 2 boxs and that = to 58 tea bags... the total will cost less than 8bucks! Or if i want... to get a 100 tea bags box of black tea for like 5 bucks!!!

Even if i get my own milk and put it in the fridge.. the small packets one? those long-life milk..mmmm.. i can do without sugar anyway. Actually, i can do without milk as well.. but biscuits taste better with tea n milk.

25c for a chocolate cookie? Well.. i am bringing my own biscuits from now on too. haha..

I was told that I can use the microwave in the staff room... so here comes the leftovers from dinner for next day's lunch.

Seems like my new routine- doing work in the early morning works slightly better. PD was commenting that I dont look as tired (duh.. he saw me at 9:30am in the morning not 9pm). I seem to be able to accomplish more work now, although am very grumpy when i come home. Work load is gettng higher but this sem looks a little more managable compared to last sem.

Perhaps I am getting used to it now? I can work through from morning till night- with just a small lunch break (if any at all). Weekends are spent reading and researching- trying to schedule lighter work on weekends (whenever it is possible). Yeah, sure work is endless... ask me a few days time- i might answer differently. Will prob feel that i am NOT coping as well i am currently. It changes hourly..what can i say?


My test assessment partner suxs.. I cant believe i am saying that abt a person but seriously. Another girl came and approached me to do the video- i think it is a good idea.. coz I WANT TO DO IT QUICKLY.. and besides, i am still that guy's test partner , jus that i do my part first.. that is MY ASSIGNMENT.. and then he called that girl and went on abt the crap about how she stole HIS test partner. Hello.... masters level.... not primary school level.... "STOLE test partner" i am not meant to be stolen.

1 comment:

Ruthie said...

oh well, what can I say?
u're juz too desireable?
hmz...that came out a bit wrong, eh?
ha ha!!

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