Saturday, August 13, 2005


Seeing a client walking out of the clinic-knowing that he/she can be in control now. That he/she isnt as distressed, just provided me with a sense of achievement. Or perhaps knowing that I cant do anything more for this client then to assist the family and school in making schooling a little more enjoyable/bearable , is enough to know that perhaps.. just perhaps, i can be a psychologist. It is not sufficient , i know that, but it is a step.

A client gave me a small card of thanks- i think i am going to keep that card for a long long time.


because i am seldom online now, there are several ways of contacting me: Sms, email (the best way) and this blog. I am still alive- if anyone has doubts about that.

1 comment:

Ruthie said...

it's always nice to feel appreciated, whether or not it's ur job

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