Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I'm 22 now. Of course, since MA does not always = to CA, I dont feel like a 22. Perhaps older.

ANYWAY! it was my birthday yesterday... no, i really didnt hv anything special planned.

It kicked start with one of the girls from the clinic bought me a cake on Saturday. Then, SW asked the class (which consists of 1st and 2nd years) to sing the 'happy birthday' song to me- that was seriously embarrassing.

Pavarotti's Concert later that night. I wouldnt called it part of my birthday celebrations, it just happened to be chucked right at the night before my birthday. It wasnt planned- seriously, Mr. AR's workplace was one of the sponsors and they were selling tickets for $55. How can we not go to Pavarotti's concert for $55!?!? We confirmed the seats like...1 day before? I mean, the cheapest tickets was going for $101, the seats we were at was like $191. Now, it didnt help when the PRiDE parade was at the same day....... and since the stadium was near the parade, you can imagine the mix of fireworks and Pavarotti's voice.. Having said that, i enjoyed the concert. His voice sends the shrivers down your spine. "Ave Maria" almost made me cry.

Smses from Ruth, Dad, Peggy and Ben greeted me (somewhere between 12 midnight to like 6 am in the morning.....).

Sunday: I went to church, sang praise to our wonder Father who gave me life, who blessed me...... How can I not be thankful for what I have? Freo to get some fruits n veges. Yes, i know, this girl, spending her birthday doing groceries shopping. I had a whole day of class on saturday, when am i suppose to buy food? Freo is my getaway, is the place where my worries can be left behind at uni, home, everywhere... but not freo, not the lake. No, not these 2 places.

Anyway, i saw this lovely bag for $36! Made in vietnam. I was so tempted but no, i need to save $!

Had a simmons icecream-that is my fav part of going to freo. reached home at 2pm, rang home..grandma forgot my birthday! :p she was so embarrassed... but i love her. She was like.."come home and i will make it up for you" Ah. Mum sent me an sms as she wasnt at home.. I think she was impressed that i got a full length mirror for my birthday (think dad is in trouble...). The other guys got me an idog =) I had an interesting exchange of sms with her trying to explain what is an idog! It is moving now, with "home" -by micheal buble playing at the background.

Did laundry, went to the dryer... rushed home to get ready for dinner.

That's the mirror..That's me.. That's my skirt! :p cant see my face? blame the photographer. That was a candid shot.

Dinner South Perth Oyster bar.

Dessert-the waiter surprised me.

I just happened to mention ONCE that i dont mind waiting coz it is my BIRTHDAY and i WANT the Foudant! It was wonderful.... ah..the chocolate, the vanilla bean ice cream. I enjoyed every bite.

The dinner ended with Haz calling me from Germany. HAZ!?!! She remembered and she called... telling me that everything is going alright for her. That made my day , to know she is safe and sound. Honestly, an hour before she rang, i said i am going to ring her parents to see how she is coz she hasnt contacted me for like ages.. not even replying my email!

Finally, a phone call from Velda =)

I'm contented.

PS-ok i cheated, i mini edited some bits of my assignment in the morning before i went to church-i printed it out and set it aside though. And i read some information on couples communication and relationship counselling- hey, i need to prepare for my clients ok!?


Grace L said...

Happy Blessed 22! :)

daphne said...

thanks gracie. =)

Benji said...

u can take the psychologist out from work.. but u can't take work out from the psychologist.. sheesh..

daphne said...

thank you ben. You know me well. :p

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