Thursday, December 01, 2005

childhood memories II

21) First conscious moment when a guy held my hand. No, it's not P1 sort of, line up outside your class. No, it's not romantic, more like we 'hated' each other... I was 11 and in the choir. Guy grabbed my hand so hard that it remained in my memory. He was my arguing enemy. Now, he is a scholar.

22) Walking from the flat my parents stayed to grandma's place for the week.

23) Plain rice with just a fried egg and a salted dace fish. We were poor.

24) According to my uncle, i threw a ball in his bowl of soup from my cot when i was 2 years old. I cant say i remember that but i would love to have seen his reaction....

25) The day my piano arrived.

26) Recieving PSLE results. I passed maths!

27) My first crush that lasted 3 years. Strange, 27 is his favourite number.

28) Chinese New Year. I get to see Irene, Moses, Ivy...

29) Bookshops and bookfairs. I cant get enough of them.

30) Getting scolded by my chinese teacher in P5. I failed 'ting xie' too many times....

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