Monday, November 28, 2005

childhood memories

They say being a teenager is tough, ppl seem to forget about young adulthood.

Anyway, here are some of my favourite childhood memories

1) Raspberry ripple icecream waffle biscuit. Only available opposite my pri/sec school.

2) $1.50 lunch

3) Swinging and singing "somewhere out there" Yes, i sing..and i was in a choir.

4) Countless library trips and UNO games in the most unthinkable locations (e.g. buses).

5) Going home on a tiny school van (pri sch).

6) Toa Payoh park (the one behind the bus station now).

7) Hop scotch!!!! My coin purse rOCKs!

8) Practicing the flute with the school band. I miss those girls.

9) My ever first youth camp.

10) Sunday school. "the B-I-B-L-E, now that's the book for me..."

11) Reading- Range from Ronald Dahl to Sweet Valley High (yes, what was i thinking?)

12) The tiny bus tickets-you used to add up the last 2 digits. 13 means good luck?

13) Being a prefect. My organisation skills training started from there. Trying to organise 80+ prefects, including a 'not-there' head prefect isnt fun. My assistant was brillant though.

14) Coffee bean gatherings. I do miss the blackforest chill and how i have to save up for them!

15) KOPITIAMS- especially having breakie with grandma. Street 13 bishan.

16) Science Centre trip when I was three. I told dad that I will walk from our Boon Lay house to the centre. I lied. He had to carry me when we were half way there. mwahahaha.

17) Accompanying grandma to chinatown. She would give me a lesson on the different types of herbs and mushrooms. =)

18) Swimming with mum.

19) Girl nights out with my best friends. Remember our sentosa trip?

20) The excitement of christmas. Seeing the lights, presents, trees and knowing that Jesus loves us.

It is strange, but i havent felt the Christmas spirit for the past 2 years. Besides, the shops are all about selling things, not about the spirit. I understood the true meaning of Christmas, but I was too tired of the whole commerical sellout of it.

This year, I feel different. I feel the spirit of giving. I am getting excited about Christmas again. Maybe i am happier and less anxious. Perhaps I finally feel more settled.


Benji said...

the ice-cream!!! I had to get it when I was collecting a bottle of free wine from town where I saw this uncle selling them back in Singapore.. aahh... bring back memories..

wenrui said...

It is really sad, to wake up on Christmas morning and find yourself not a child anymore. :)

Thoughts said...

1) the icecream can be bought in Toa Payoh!:P unless u r referring to the ones wrapped in orange paper!

6) the poor park is now destroyed:(

12) now that u mentioned it, yes! i almost forgot all about it and how I used to fold little hearts with the bus tickets...

19) yes... i miss that too (not with u daf) but yeah i had my fair share of bbq n sentosa outings with female friends

Thoughts said...

since i no longer have a blog, I shall share some of my happier primary school memories here with you....

1. playing on the steps in my primary school, right in front of the statue of virgin mary... (yes yes i was from a catholic school)

2. falling asleep in church during catholic services on friday mornings in primary school

3. my collection of little erasers that were in the shape of grapes, cars etc... my fav were the fruit ones because they smell sweet!

4. the double stick icecream that I will split in half and share with a friend in primary school - all because I didn't get enough pocket money then

5. memories of primary school camp and how my class ended up sleeping in the library because our form teacher was the head librarian

6. memories of 2 people bringing mattresses to the primary school overight camp!

7. memories of myself eating the big 'bao' with my grandmother; me eating the skin and her eating the big blob of pork.

8. buying chocolates in the blue "xiao ding dang" box.....

hmm I will add the rest when I remember more!!

daphne said...

Yeah, the ice cream can still be bought, but the feeling is not quite the same when i eat it. Maybe because i'm not a child anymore!!

What about the chocolate stick ice-cream where you have to push it up to eat it?

The 50cent noodles in tuckshop.

I have the box of erasers with different pictures of flags on?

The 20cent-50cents vending machine-twist and u get something cheap yet novel. I think they still have it now, but obviously i had more fun then.

Sandpit playground!!!

Thoughts said...

yes the pop up icecream! i remember that! it used to cost 40 cents in my school... n i remember using the white pop up thing for art and science projects! i wonder if we can still buy that icecream anywhere?

ting said...

i think item number 4 refers to you and me..laughs...thanks to your post, it really brought back alot of those memories..*muaks*

daphne said...

To v- I cant find the pop-up ice cream anymore. I dont think they make them. Anyone else have any ideas?

Ting- Do you remember us playing UNO near the toilets in World Trade Centre after the book fair? What about us 'collecting' library cards from our parents and bringing stacks of books home. We exchanged them and then do the same all over again! That was so fun. Toa Payoh and AMK library!

Ruthie said...

B: hehz...yeah...all the swimming, GONE! cos u juz had to buy the ice-cream and got me to have 1 too...gggrrrr!!

D: oh yeah! Sentosa! and Downtown East this year too...with B and P...ha ha! Christmas? I reckon it'll make some sort of difference this year cos we'll be having Christmas service!! cos Christmas falls on a Sunday! heh heh...will be nice if we can have the stayover, and then go to Christmas service together...BUT, that's if I don't join in the Christmas fun at the restaurant

V: oh yeah! double stick ice-cream...I remember them being in choco flavour...and the choco is so rich! YUUUMMM!!

ting said...

of cos i do... we were so into reading novels those days...the babysitters' club, sweet valley, nancy drew, what else?? i can't remember... and we used to always swarm to book fairs to buy books, yes the library too... it was great having a companion to go library together with.. and after that we would spend time at mac eating our snacks and checking out the books we borrorrowed... i remembered one year one of my eyes was sore and my mum refused to let me out and i kept dripping eye drops into it until it became better so we could go to the book fair.. it was a long ride on 93.. sometimes i go school via harbour front(the then world trade centre) and each time i will to myself when i walk past the interchange imagining myself a decade ago.........

daphne said...

To Ting- Oh yeah... those stacks of books! =) I remember that we cant go too far away, so the library is the best 'excuse' as well. There was once, i think we spent more time over french fries than the library.... oh root beer float!!!

Those were the carefree days. Miss you ting.

ting said...

laughs...and during those times you were wearing those dresses your mum made for you.. i never fail to check them out whenever we were out too... we had so much to talk about even when we were 12... its really no wonder that we can still talk for 12 hours and is still not done with it.. which brings to my mind, there was also one instance when we were in p5 or p6 when we chat on the phone from like 9plus to past midnight, was it 1am or 2 am.. so late that my mum and your grandma had to come clost to our phones asking us to end our conversation and go to bed......

as always... definitely miss chatting with you...*hugs*

daphne said...

*cringe* my dresses.. i remembered them well. The pink ones especially. what was i thinking?

ting said...

interestingly.. i also remembered a particular pink one... very vague memory of the rest tho...=)

daphne said...

ting- i'm thankful u cant remember the rest of them....

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