Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I booked my flight. Finally.

Exam tomorrow- I'm really not sure what we learned in that unit. I know we learned SOMETHING, but it just seems all over the case. The lectures were quite disorganised. Doesnt help when we know the lecturer is quite harsh when marking.
I went over to a friend's place to pass him his bday present. As usual, it was late and i apologised sheepishly for that. All of us were college friends (with the exception of Mr. AR who knew him since sec sch), and we sat down to have a short chat. It struck me how strange it was, how things change and what we have become.

For one, i am still a STUDENT when all of them are making good money. That doesnt make a big difference though, for the topics seems... mmm..

1) Houses- All of us spoke about buying properties. The couple went to see a financial planner. We were discussing about house loans, mortage, bank interests, land value, good areas for investments......

2) Marriage- The girl's sister just got married. To a millionaire. Naturally we spoke about the wedding and how grand it was. That it got to her plans for their wedding...and then it struck me that I should be really expecting a wedding invite from them in the next few years. Now, this girl wasnt sure for a long long time, and now, it sounds like she is...

3) Pregnacy- She was shocked when I said chances of falling pregnant decreases dramatically once you reach 30. Actually, it starts decreasing once we hit 26 anyway! Oh, have a child before the age 30 and chances of getting breast cancer decrease. Have sex and the chance of cervical cancer increase. It's really your choice... either way, it doesnt look good.

4) Work- and the benefits each company gave. Obviously i was quiet. One said free internet service, the other has a few more annual days leave, the girl had bbq pool party, massages, nice bosses......... I have paper.

5) Furniture- Yes, we talked about that. Bed frame, type of beds, good deals.

Just 2 years ago, we spoke about 1) finding a job, 2) where to get the cheapest food, 3) how many more exams to go, 4) When are we going back to home country.

With the exception of no 3, (obviously contribution from my part), the rest were not touched.

Our priorities, relationships, circumstances changed. I enjoyed the conversation (trust me, at that stage, if it is not psychology, it's good). The topics feels 'grown up' things that will bore me if discussed a few years earlier. It signals a shift i guess. Doesnt mean we are all 'grown up', just simply a shift towards that route (hopefully?).

How I missed the childhood innocence. The fantasy world as a child.

Ah, the ambivalance.

What's next?

Congrats to Kitson and Irene on the birth of baby Hiroshi (yes, that is the baby's name). It's a BOY!

I bought baby stuff for my new cousin. Bootees and toys. Hey, he is afterall Irene's son. How exciting.


Ruthie said...

hehz...so what's da topic of our conversations when u get back?
ha ha!!

Thoughts said...

so when r u flying back?

daphne said...

V- 20th dec

R- Possibly range from God, birthday, work...

ting said...

i always love being a child.. a teenager to be exact.. like what i always tell my students, i'm always 18

Jenn said...

I'm growing up too... and I'm scared *quakes and cowers*

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