Monday, September 03, 2007

Eggy goodness

What a weekend. We had our ex-neighbor kids over for a baking session....and BOY did we cook up a storm. Unfortunately, no pictures were taken because I was too busy running around and Mr AR was busying entertaining other children + their parents! In fact, half way through the session, another little girl came along.

We made Chocolate Biscuits and Banana and Walnut Muffins. Previously, the little girl of 4 yrs old looked overwhelmed but this time round, she was at ease in the kitchen and was actually measuring and mixing beautifully. The boy however, was distracted and wanted to spend time with Mr AR instead. Later on however, he was drawn back to the kitchen and was mixing up a batch of muffins. Both his parents were so proud and surprised! I was exhausted by the end of it. Their energy is amazing.

Back to this post. I love a good breakfast. Often, we are such in a rush that a bowl of muesli with yogurt is all we can handle. Making a poached egg has been something that I wanted to do for sometime but didn't have the guts to do it previously. After reading Su-Yin's entry on her take on poached eggs, I decided to take a deep breath and do it!

Surprisingly, I DID IT!!!! It was a success. I was a little bit worried when cooking up the first one but it was really easy! I didn't make hollandaise sauce to go with it but I reckon the eggy goodness was just as good. Served with a dash of cracked pepper, it was a beauty!

What's your favorite breakfast?


East Meets West Kitchen said...

Awww! Would love to have seen your bakes.
Your poached eggs look perfect!
My family love pancakes, scambled eggs and bacon, and since I make it often, I guess it's my favorite as well! ;)

Big Boys Oven said...

Lovely.......we had packed dim sum!

Paprika said...

Nasi lemak when I'm feeling indulgent. Or fried mee hoon. But what I actually eat is boring old toast and eggs.

CheauYee said...

i love eggs to be my breakfast...
however i dun cook here in KL and none cooks for me...wat i do everyday is grab a pack of biscuit and then go to the poor thing...

daphne said...

yummy stuff peeps!

East Meets West- Pancakes, scrambled eggs and bacon! that sounds terrific!

Big boys oven- Man, i'm still craving for dim sum. I hv been planning to go since like..1 month ago! must go this weekend!!!!

Paprika- Fried mee hoon always brings me back memories. That is what I always eat when I head back to SG!!

Cheauyee- Welcome!!! aiyo, biscuits only ah? u hv to come to Perth so I can cook some for you!

For myself.. I can't decide really.. Here is a list of MY favourite breakfasts

1) Mee hoon
3) Scrambled or poached eggs with toast
4) Muesli with fresh yogurt and fruits
5) Toasted peanut butter sandwich! ;p

Most of the time, i have muesli or peanut butter sandwich. Sometimes, with sliced banana! hahaha. so sinful! ;p

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