Friday, March 31, 2006

Mrs. Hazlina Hanaffi Scheotel

Haz is getting married! This gorgeous girl-friend of mine got enagaged to Hanno Scheotel last weekend in Paris- near the Eiffel Tower.

That is so exciting, considering she will be the first of all my close friends to get married. Congratulations babe!!!



Ruthie said...

well...what abt evelyn?
she's ur close friend too :p

oh well...if Haz is reading this...

daphne said...

I told Evelyn about my congrats last year!

Hehee..Evelyn lah, can't settle on a date yet. Haz is getting married in May so still one of my first closest friends to be married...... ;p

Wakkoon said...


Yeah, if Haz is reading this, CONGRATS!!

So exciting! :)


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