Entrees and Snacks
Chinese Mains
Vietnamese Style Pickled Pork Mince Omelette 
Stir Fry Garlic Sprouts with Tofu
3 Eggs Dom Stir Fry 
Spicy Bean Paste Tofu with Pork Mince
Chicken Kapitan
Soy Bean Paste Chicken Stew
Indian Fish Curry
Braised Pan Fried Snappy with Bean Paste Sauce
Beef Rendeng
Chicken and Pistachio Korma 
Tao Chew (Soy Bean Paste) Pork Ribs
3 Egg Fried Rice
Malay Style Curry Chicken
Burmese Style Beef Curry
Tomato Chicken
Chicken with Ginger and Lemongrass
Ayam Kecap 
3 Cups Chicken
Spiced Milk Chicken
Indonesian Spicy Roast Chicken
Pan Fried Tempeh with Chilli Anchovies 
Panfried Rice Rolls
Nonya Chicken Curry
Guangxi Steam Chicken
Steam Chicken with Chicken Essence 
Ginger Wine Chicken
Thai "Pad Thai" style Prawn Omelette 
Stir Fried Pork Mince with Brinjal
Chicken Tikka Masala
5 Spice Honey Chicken Drumettes
Ginger Wine Chicken 

Western Mains 
Savory Pies and Pastries 
Pasta and Noodles

Hearty Breakfasts or Sunday Brunches
Salads and Sides
Cupcakes and Muffins 

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